Quinoa Bowl Recipe

I’m sitting at my dest, hungry, wishing I could have a delicious lunch that won’t put me to sleep. I turn to my trusty Fresh & Co and order a burrito quinoa bowl. Grilled corn, tomatoes, red beans, kale, adobe chicken, chipotle vinaigrette, topped with scallions, cilantro, and tortilla strips, winning! Excited as ever, I’m standing in line, watching them sauté my veggies, and I think to myself…I could make that! Okay, I didn’t make it exactly, but it was definitely the inspiration!

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Menu Monday #7 – Tacolicious!

Since moving to Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii, four months ago, I have noticed that food here can be mm expensive! Even my go-to Safeway is very expensive so… Costco is my new best friend! I love to make tacos with my Costco sized ground turkey, tortillas, AND cheese. The other day, hubby came home from Costco with a Costco sized taco seasoning jar that will be a huge $$ saver! This week’s menu are all tacolicious.  Continue reading

Menu Monday #5

Happy Monday! This week’s menu is a little more veggilicious. From a homemade slaw recipe from the T.V. show The Chew, to a simple, fresh pasta featuring diced tomatoes, and rounding out the healthy week with stuffed bell peppers. You can also make leftovers to eat throughout the week and you will be ready to hit the beach by the weekend! Happy, fresh munching!  Continue reading