Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you started thinking about gifts yet (or dropping hints on what you would like from your kiddos)? Although I imagine all a mom really wants on her special day is to spend time with you, I also don’t think she would mind having something to unwrap either. Everyone loves a new toy, amiright? Whether you’re on mimosa duty or making her breakfast, here are a couple of gift ideas for your mama:


CD2     GP

Beauty products

My mom is such a creature of habit. She has been using the same makeup and body products for as long as I can remember. I think moms would like well made products with clean ingredients.

lipgloss          multi use          Honest

Cooking goodies

  • I got my mom some locally flavored salts and rubs from my last trip to Hawaii.
  • The Pioneer Woman has some cute products, and if your mom is anything like mine then she can use something more exciting than earth tones. It is spring after all!

Salt       PW


I have bought my mom tea as a gift on multiple occasions. Whether it is a fancy sampler pack from Argo, or a boutique find from a farmers market, a good tea is loved morning, night, mid day, late night, anytime! Last time I was in New York I picked up a bag of Femini-tea and Sereni-tea from Misstea in Brooklyn.


Again, something fun for the creature of habit. My mom has been wearing Victoria’s Secret Heavenly for about a gillion years, but she recently asked for Jennifer Aniston’s brand (which I don’t mind borrowing every now and then)!

heavenly         JA

A date

The movie Mother’s Day is coming out just in time for you two to celebrate. Other ideas are you can take her out to lunch, get your nails done together, or go to a fitness class together. Like I mentioned, quality time is a mother’s favorite gift!
MD Film

Something cozy

  • I got my aunt some cashmere socks that she loves and make her feel like a million bucks.
  • I know it’s not the season, but everyone love a cozy scarf!
  • Last year my mom was recovering from surgery, so got her a new PJ set from Victoria’s Secret.

Get started on your shopping early and remember to have fun finding something that she will enjoy! What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas?


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