Menu Monday #4

It’s Monday folks! Are you ready for the week? This Monday kind of snuck up on me, but I managed to make a Costco run this weekend and get a little bit of fun in too. This week’s menu has some of my easy go-tos, with a splash of fun thrown in. Continue reading


Menu Monday #3

Happy Monday everyone! For this week’s menu, I have some delicious and healthy meals planned. As the weather is starting to warm up, I am excited to dust off the grill and try to eat a little lighter, which is a great excuse to incorporate more seafood. So pour yourself a glass of wine and try to get outside a little bit this week for your cooking. I’m even going to try to have dinner on my patio if the weather permits!  Continue reading

Menu Monday #2

When I first started planning my weekly menus, I wanted to try everything that looked good. I was so excited to learn new cooking tricks and try new things. Unfortunately I forgot to pay attention to what I was planning. So I ended up planning for a couple of Mexican dishes, or pasta dishes, or things that were very similar without noticing aka pasta or rice and beans over load! Continue reading

Menu Monday #1

BBQ Chicken Salad

When planning my weekly menus, I try to have four or five nights of a game plan. The remaining nights I usually get distracted by something frozen that sounds good, end up eating out, or I have a change of heart towards what I had previously planned. I found that buying more than four or five planned meals can be more food than my family can eat and can tend to go bad before my next grocery run. So without further ado, here is my plan for Week #1 of Menu Mondays. Enjoy!  Continue reading